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Das Regionalportal im Allgäu mit Ferienwohnungen, Hotel oder Pension in Füssen, in Schwangau, in Pfronten, in Lechbruck, in Roßhaupten, in Rieden, in Hopferau und in Nesselwang. Dazu Informationen, Veranstaltungen, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeit - Tips, Branchenbuch, Wetter und Nachrichten der Region Königswinkel im Allgäu.


4/10/2020 : 6:33 am

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Neuschwanstein castle
Castle of Fuessen
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There is a lot to visit around here ...

The whole picture of a moved history is expressed here in the Allgäu by a multiplicity of historical buildings. It was probably the attraction of this landscape, which may  induced some aristocracy, as well as institutions of the church, to build monasteries and castles in order to live here.

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Boats on the lake Forggensee

The lake Forggensee is with its 12 km length the largest water in the king angle. Here the ships of the urban boat fleet operates, starting from the town Füssen. A round travel over the lake with his incomparable mountain panorama will become to an unforgettable experience.